Content Creators Program

The very first Mushroom Wars 2 Content Creators Support Program is open!

  • Do you play Mushroom Wars 2 for a long time?
  • Are you an active and known community member?
  • Do you want to contribute more and become a helpful community member?

If the answer is “Yes,” then this program might be what you were looking for!
Do what you enjoy the most and get rewarded with in-game prizes for your active participation.

Find out the list of activities you can become a part of a team below and APPLY HERE.

  • Streaming and commenting
    These players stream Mushroom Wars 2 regularly. Optionally, they prefer to comment on official and community tournaments.
  • Video making
    For those who are keen on making Mushroom Wars 2 videos: creating video guides, tournament highlights, news reviews, best matches, or just regular gameplay.
  • Editing and writing
    For those who prefer the written word: creating text guides, news, event reviews, bits of advice, social media posts, and so on.
  • Lore and storytelling
    For those who like the creative side of the written word: creating tales, narratives, stories, biographies, etc.
  • Proofreading
    Do you have excellent knowledge of written English? You will be checking and correcting grammar mistakes, typos, misspellings, and other errors in writing.
  • Tournaments organization
    All tasks regarding the organization of community Tournaments and Cups.
  • Coaching and mentoring
    Those who want to teach newcomers about the game’s basics and raise true Mushroom Wars 2 champions.
  • Moderation
    Choose it if you enjoy chatting and spending quite a lot of time online! The perfect position for all of you who want to be a part of a healthy and active community and believe that the rules must be followed.
  • Art and design
    Are you experienced in PhotoShop, Sketch, Illustrator, or even in traditional art? We are waiting for you then!
  • Communities leadership
    The ‘Clans’ feature isn’t released yet, but you already have a guild? Or maybe you gather people on your Discord server or Facebook group? Let us know about it!
  • Websites administration
    Do you own a website, or are you experienced with WordPress or similar CMS? You can help us with publishing materials.
  • Websites development
    HTML, CSS, PHP isn’t just a row of random letters to you? You have experience and want to help to make our fan website better? Let’s do it!
  • Discord bots developer
    Are you keen on coding or just studying and looking for some experience? We may have a challenging mission for you.
  • Contests making
    Do you believe that engagement is a must for the community? Do you love user-generated content and want to give a community an additional opportunity to earn in-game prizes? Start here! 
  • Cosplays creation
    Those who would love to try (and create) Mushroom Wars 2 Skins on themselves in real life.

Apply here

Fill the form we will reach you soon.

To be accepted, you have to be in good standing and have an excellent community history.