How to stream from Mobile

A how to made by CheeseBurger for those that want to stream Mushroom Wars 2.

There are many ways to stream from a mobile device now. Some are easy and others require a bit of capital but you can really produce a quality stream. I will start with the easiest methods and work up. All links for software required will be in the pc section.


This is a live stream app that you can put on your mobile device to stream your games to twitch, youtube and many others. It is a simple install and set up. I have never used it but the reviews are mixed. It is an easy way to be up and streaming right away. Just search your app store for it as it is free.


Macbooks require some messing around but it can be done with a hard line for your internet. This is important as you need to be able to have a stable internet connection to the server to lose as few packets as possible. If you require help with this setup there are many resources to get it done. Some of the software required will be covered in the PC section.

PC / Windows

This is how I stream. So I will go more in depth here. First off you will require a machine with a dedicated video card and I recommend any of the 20 series graphics cards from Nvidia. They have dedicated processing for encoding to stream to reduce the load in you bus. If you do have a high end card you will still be able to stream but you will have to watch your setting to be able to maximize encoding and not affect computer operations to much.

As for the processor of you pc I recommend at least an i5, but an I3 will work if you play with your settings. An i7 is overkill but it will never let you down with all the software you will be running.

You will need a mic. I use a yeticaster from Blue Designs but any mic will do. It can even be the one on your webcam if that is what you want to use. For a webcam I use a logitech C920 and it does the trick.

Capture Card

Last piece of hardware is a Capture Card. I use the Elgato HD60Pro but any capture card will do. This is a must to capture a mobile device to reduce latency or lag in the connection. There are some wireless options but they don’t work well yet. You will need a HDMI cable to connect the mobile device to the card as well as an adaptor that will allow HDMI connection. I have an iPad so it is lightning to HDMI.

I use a Stream Deck from Elgato. This isn’t a must but is a nice toy to have.


Now for software. This is where most get lost and it took me a bit to find what I like. I use Streamlabs OBS. I really like all the options and it is free. Plain OBS works as well but it doesn’t have all the little extras like Streamlabs. I will do a write up later on the setting as this is a lot more in depth. if you need help reach out to me on Discord. Now I also use Streamlabs Chatbot. This is a way to send messages to your viewers for how to reach you or create commands or mini games. It is a lot of fun for the viewers and I get a giggle every now and then as well.

You will also need a login for YouTube or your preferred streaming platform. Once you login on OBS, you may require a stream key. It can be found on YouTube or twitch in you stream settings. StreamLabs OBS requires you to sign in to your platform so you shouldn’t need the key.

Now set up your scenes on OBS or StreamLabs OBS with a starting screen and lobby screen. This is where you will add the capture card and your webcam and all the little features you would like. It can be simple or complex. StreamLabs OBS makes a lot of this easier and there help documentation helped me a lot. Otherwise send me a message on discord and I will help guide you. StreamLabs OBS has a lot of prebuilt scenes for free you can use as well. You can just pick one of those to start. StreamLabs basic setting are good enough to start right away.

Now just click go live and have a blast showing off your game to the world, and add the tip jar, maybe get some money to spend on making your stream even better.

Now go out there and start your own stream and share it with the community!



Links to all Hardware and Software