ESL Cup #5 Tournament Results

Last Sunday held another tournament ESL #5, in which the participation of 22 players from all over the world.

The tournament was held in the format of SE (single elimination), and consisted of 5 rounds, including the final.

See the results at the end of the page, and now we offer you to look at the overview video from one of the tournament Favorites, the player from Russia under the nickname Focus (subscribe to his YouTube channel):

Next tournament ESL #6 1 vs 1 April 16 will take place. As previously required registration and check-in again for 30 minutes before the start of the tournament. You can register here.

Participating for the first time and don’t know how to register? Read the instructions here.


The winners of the tournament were:

  • 1. Fasee (Sweden);
  • 2. Focus (Russia);
  • 3-4. Jiff07 (Canada);
  • 3-4. T_ormoz (Russia);