All about heroes

Since the 2.0 update, there is a new way to get new heroes on mobile. To get a new hero, you need to collect from 20 to 200 souls (depends on the hero). After it you can upgrade each skill of your hero, collect skill cards and pay some gold (amount depends on skill level). Cards can be found in chests, which can be mined during the campaign, won through victories in multiplayer, and/or found in the shop. If you bought the version on Steam or for the Nintendo Switch, you get every hero at max level.

Each hero has a set of 4 unique abilities and the same energy reserve with a maximum of 500 energy.

Select the hero below to learn more about his abilities and the basic tactics to use when playing him/her:

Rudo Ayner Kenor Wilford

Marty-O Cree Zik Pix-O

Stella Trini Dora Chia

Pahom Ankh Klotz Mouro