All about heroes

Starting from the 2.0 update, there is a new way to get new heroes on mobile platforms. To get a new hero, you need to collect 20 to 200 souls ( the amount of souls needed depends on the hero). After it you can upgrade each skill of your hero. To do so, collect skill cards and pay a certain amount of gold (which depends on the skill level 1 to 5). The cards can be found in chests, which can be collected during the campaign, won in multiplayer battles, and/or bought in the shop. If you have the version for Steam or Nintendo Switch, you get every hero unlocked from start and at max level (up until 5 stars).

Each hero has a set of 4 unique skills and the same energy reserve with a maximum of 500 energy.

Select the hero below to learn more about his skills and the basic tactics to use when playing him/her:

Tribe: Shrooms

Rudo Ayner Kenor Wilford 

Tribe: Proteus

Marty-O Cree Zik Pix-O

Tribe: Shii’Mori

Stella Trini Dora Chia 

Tribe: Grims

Pahom Ankh Klotz Mouro