The hero of myths and the legendary warlord of the past. Many Shroom warriors worship him as a deity and strive to achieve the same prowess. The legends say only the worthy one may embody the powers of the almighty Odur.

Tribe: Shrooms
Class: Universal
Difficulty: Medium

To arms

The «To arms» skill applies to an allied building. The affected building supplies its units with additional weapons. Cooldown 20-40 seconds.





The «Shrinking» skill shrinks the enemy building. All the units of the affected building will inflict less damage and move slower. Cooldown 40-60 seconds.





The «BFG9000» skill turns an allied building into a portal. Units leave the portal flying on cannonballs towards the chosen target with increased attack and speed. These units are not affected by skills and towers can’t attack them. Can’t be used on special buildings. Cooldown 70-100 seconds.




The «Fortification» skill temporally turns all the player’s buildings into level 4 Towers. Cooldown 100-140 seconds.