Герой Дора

Guide for Dora

Dora – The mighty mistress of the powers of the earth. Capable of cunning tactical tricks. Can make the enemy feel like a defenseless chicken with one fierce glare. Effective at all stages of the game, but can struggle early game against aggressive heroes. Has an average level of complexity.

Accelerating Vortex

Dora. Skill Accelerating Vortex«Accelerating Vortex» ability allows units in its radius of 200-250 units to move 150% faster for 5.5-7.5 seconds. This applies for all units, allies and enemies. Works very well with maps with narrow spaces and when the pathing fits the radius. It can help you take key buildings faster and win neutral skirmishes better, as the faster troops means you will have more units per second entering the building. Can also be used on enemies troops to make them attack first. 20-40 second cooldown.

Dora hero. Skill 1 details

Freeze Morale

Dora. Skill Freeze Morale«Freeze Morale» ability freezes morale where it is at for 10-15 seconds (Ayner’s 2nd and Rudo’s 3rd will change morale though). This means a failed attack will not give the enemy extra morale and you will not lose morale. You never want to use this on defense, only on attack. Using this on attack, you can bait out defensive skills and just full on attack them without and morale consequences, doing massive damage and getting more mana (just be sure you don’t attack with all your units and be left with nothing to defend with after). This is especially good after defending with your 3rd, as you will have lots of troops and morale. 40-60 second cooldown.

Dora hero. Skill 2 details

Poultry Yard

Dora. Skill Poultry Yard«Poultry Yard» skill turns all enemy units in the radius of 300-400 units into chickens, which removes all active spells, morale and forge effects, and reduces the attack by 20-40%. This is an amazing defensive ability, and should be used to defend big attacks only, though if you need it to defend, be sure to use it. Can be great at stopping big abilities too, such as: “Decrease defense” (Stella), “Rage” (Ayner), “Close ranks” (Kenor), and “Boots of Swiftness” (Rudo). You can also stop the enemy from taking a building natural building, or at least prevent them and maybe stealing it yourself. Try not to spam it, though, as better players will wait for you to use it before doing a big attack. 70-100 second cooldown.

Dora hero. Skill 3 details


Dora. Skill Magnet


«Magnet» ability is applied to any building of any player. The affected building will drag all units in a 400-500 radius into for 5-8.5 seconds. This is an extremely versatile ability. Here are some possible uses:

  1. Capturing a neutral building in the center when your opponent is sending you an attack. You can make his units attacking the middle by putting magnet on it to weaken it, then use the magnet to take it for yourself.
  2. Use Magnet on nearest building just to prevent enemy from attacking their target.
  3. Fake attack. Send a lot of units towards the back and then magnet to attack a weaker building that the enemy was not expecting.
  4. Magnet to get units past obstacles. On some maps, where the magnet radius reaches across obstacles, you can use the magnet to pull units across the obstacle.
  5. To defend and gain morale. Fill a tower full of units and then magnet a big attack into it, giving you tons of morale and killing the entire attack.
  6. Stop your opponent from sending troops. If you need to attack a certain building, you can just prevent the reinforcements by magneting one of his buildings, and safely take whatever building you want.

100-140 second cooldown.

Dora hero. Skill 4 details