Ayner hero

Guide for Ayner

Ayner – Commander and chief of mushroom pyrokinetics. Good at all stages of the game. In the initial stages can disrupt the development of opponent and even go in super aggressively. In the middle of the game he has good bonus attack and doesn’t need to worry about losing morale, and in late game he can destroy huge attacking waves and dish out huge damage. He is a pretty complex hero that isn’t that easy to play, as you need to know when and where to use his 1st skill, as well as managing his morale and skill usage, but overall one of the strongest. A good way to play him is be super aggressive, attacking as much as possible without losing the game. You can either use Chains or Rage to help with your attack. Even if your attack fails, you can always just equate morale and be even and go for another attack, or if they have a big counter attack, just wipe it away with ring of fire.

Shackles of war

Ayner. Skill Shackles of war«Shackles of war» chains enemy units to a building, not allowing units to leave that building for 8-12 seconds. It is a pretty simple spell, but the usage is not as simple. You have to be watching enemy troops to try and chain the most to a building, rendering them useless for a bit. This is an incredibly strong ability, one of the best first, and has many applications, so be sure to practice it and get used to it. Cooldown is 20-40 seconds.

Ayner hero. Skill 1 details

Equate Morale

Ayner. Skill Equate Morale«Equate Morale» equals out all players morale so everyone has the same morale points. This is one of the most powerful spells in the game with a pretty short cooldown and low mana cost. With this ability, it always makes sense to be attacking when you have the troops to do so as even if you mess up, you can just use this ability to make up any loss morale. This works well with 2v2 or FFA as well, as if a lower level player is feeding someone morale, you can even it out again with this ability. Cooldown is 40-60 seconds.

Ayner hero. Skill 2 details


Ayner. Skill Rage«Rage» increases the attack of all troops by 50-75% (1.5-1.75 multiplier) and increases their movement by 10-30% (1.1-1.3 multiplier). The more forges you have when you use this skill, the more damage gets multiplied, so the more the better. At least have 1 forge and try not to use it when you don’t have a forge, as the attack boost is not that good then. Try to bunch up your troops as well, as rage does have a smaller radius. Since it has a longer cooldown, try to make the most out of it when you use it, like watch out for opponents abilities that could nullify it. Try to kill as many buildings as you can with it. While raging a bunch of troops going into one building will most likely take it, all the troops that didn’t do damage really didn’t get the benefit of having rage (as once you take the building, the rage troops just enter as 1 troop, basically making this ability just give that troop a slight speed boost), so try to attack as many buildings as you can, while taking them (don’t bite off more than you can chew) to get the full effect of the spell. NOTE SINCE IT HAS A SIMILAR RADIUS TO RING OF FIRE, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. BE CAREFUL THAT YOU ARE USING RAGE AND NOT BURNING YOUR ENTIRE ARMY! Cooldown is 70-100 seconds.

Ayner hero. Skill 3 details

Ring of fire

Ayner. Skill Ring of fire«Ring of fire» kills 100-1000 units within its range. The skill is fairly simple and can be useful in warding big, clumped up attacks, or just when you need to kill troops. Please note that although the ability has no delay, the radius in which it kills things does have a delay. Anything in the middle of the radius gets kill instantly, while it travels to the edge of the radius within a second, but that delay could take a building if you are not careful. If you think you can repel an attack without this spell, don’t use it. When you kill with the ring of fire, you gain no morale, so if you could defend, you would get the morale. Try to use only in dire situations, or if you trying to get an advantage, as it does have a long cooldown. NOTE IT HAS A SIMILAR RADIUS TO RAGE, SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING RING OF FIRE ON ENEMY UNITS AND NOT RAGING THEM. Cooldown is 100-140 seconds.

Ayner hero. Skill 4 details