Герой Трини

Guide for Trini

Trini – Natural magician. Able to communicate with bees and conjure elements. Interesting defence style hero, having a lot of versatility with her abilities. A favourite among top players, as her abilities can allow her to gain an early morale advantage. Medium difficulty level.

Freeze Building

Trini. Skill Freeze Building«Freeze Building» disables a building from doing its job for 4-6 seconds. Villages won’t produce units, towers won’t shoot units and forges won’t buff stats. Very good ability, in low building matches you can stop them from producing, and in almost all matches you can use on forge to help with defending and/or attacking. If your enemy attacks you with 1 forge only, you definitely should freeze this forge; his attack would be weak and you will get extra morale. Can be especially good again Stella’s 1st. 20-40 seconds cooldown.

Trini hero. Skill 1 details


Trini. Skill BeehiveUse«Beehive» on one of your villages to make a beehive from it. You would be able to send 50-100 troops directly into enemy building through the air, moving 130-170% faster. Regardless of the selected send mode (25, 50, 75, or 100%) it will not exceed the number of maximum allowed units. Try and catch opponents off guard by sending troops over a natural boundary towards their back line. Works like Zik’s 3rd or Sato’s 2nd, in which you can place it down and wait to use it. 40-60 seconds cooldown.

Trini hero. Skill 2 details

Ring of Frost

Trini. Skill Ring of Frost«Ring of Frost» freezes units in the radius for 8-12 seconds. Use to defend massive pushes by breaking their army into 2 smaller waves of attacks, or counter an ability. Can be used to attack to prevent reinforcing troops from entering the building you are attacking. Beware, however, as it affects all troops, whether they be enemy, ally, or neutrals. Also know that it works like Ayners 4th, Ring of Fire, in which it doesn’t cast within the whole radius instantly. It starts at the center, and moves outward in around half a second. The units also unfreeze in the way they froze, making the attack less compacted and easier to defend. 70-100 seconds cooldown.

Trini hero. Skill 3 details


Trini. Skill Tornado«Tornado» places a tornado right where you select, that moves around in a small circle for 10-15 seconds. Kills all units that touch it, and sucks units out of buildings it touches (hurts enemies as well as allies). Best used in small choke points or placed on top of a building to kill reinforcements, prevent reinforcements from being sent out of it, and to kill units in it. 100-140 seconds cooldown.

Trini hero. Skill 4 details