Герой Марти-О

Guide for Marty-O

Marty-O – Telekinetic and hypnotist. Great choice for beginners, as his skills are fairly simple and easy to use. Very helpful in learning how to count/follow enemy troops. Easy hero to play. In higher ranks, he tends to not be as good, but if you properly utilize his skills correctly, he is still viable. There really is no one way to play Marty-O, which makes him an extremely versatile hero that is pretty fun to play. Normally you want to avoid using his first, and then figure out which ability you want to use offensively and which ones do you want to save for defense.


Marty-O. Skill Spy«Spy» shows the current number of enemy troops in a building for 5-7 seconds and slows production by 5-25% (0,95-0,75 coefficient). For beginners, it is okay to use this skill a lot to figure out how many units are in a building, but as you move up the ranks, try to avoid using it to figure out how many troops, and use it more in the rare case where you can slow a huge chunk of their production. In higher ranks, the ability is not really used as it’s more often than not a better idea to keep the energy for a different ability.

Marty-O hero. Skill 1 details

Fog of War

Marty-O. Skill Fog of War«Fog of War» makes it extremely difficult for the opponent to see what is happening in a specific area for 15 seconds. It also prevents towers from shooting at the units underneath the fog and slows enemy units by 5-30%. Normally used offensively to attack past towers and sneak attack opponent making it harder to defend, but can be used defensively as the slow at higher levels can be very impactful. Lots of application, and a lot of mind games can be used with this ability. Cooldown 40-60 seconds.

Marty-O hero. Skill 2 details


Marty-O. Skill Hypnosis«Hypnosis» lets you to control over a building, allowing you to move 70-80% of troops in an enemy or neutral building to a desired building. When you put the ability on the a building, you have 5 seconds to decide where to send it, or to wait for a bit more troops to enter it to move more troops, before it disappears, and becomes a waste of energy. This is a very versatile ability, as you can give yourself morale by sending a huge wave at youк own building to defend, you can send troops away to take a building more easily, send neutral troops to attack an enemy, or send neutral troops into another neutral building, making it harder to take for the enemy. Mostly used offensively, but if you know your opponent has an ability that can easily take a building (like Stella 3rd, Pahom 4th, or Kenor 4th), you can save this ability for when they use their ability, so when you lose the building, you can easily retake it. Also be careful, because if you try to move troops of a Sato’Shii and they use the snowball on it, you will only move the snowball, not the troops. Against better players, expect troops to be reinforcing a building if they suspect it will be hypnotized, so be careful. Cooldown 70-100 seconds.

Marty-O hero. Skill 3 details

Energy Shield

Marty-O. Skill Energy Shield«Energy Shield» puts a shield in a specific area in which any enemy unit that passes gets killed (leaving or entering). The shield last 7-10 seconds, or until its kill limit is reached (75-150). Can be used offensively or defensively very well, if you know your opponent is going to send a lot of troops to defend, set up a shield in front of the building you want to attack, or use it to neutralize an enemy attack. Remember, once its kill limit is reached, it disappears, so late game someone may just brute force through it.

Marty-O hero. Skill 4 details