Hero Rudo

Guide for Rudo

Rudo – an armored and cunning warrior. The starter hero. Everyone starts out playing Rudo. His skills allow him to dominate the early game, but he gets weaker as the game goes on, so be sure to not drag out matches when playing him. He has an average complexity because even though his skills are pretty straight forward, you need to play him a certain way to properly utilize his skill set.

When playing Rudo, you want to be very aggressive, even though he is a defensive hero. This will force your opponent to focus on your attacks, rather than expanding (expanding is bad cause it makes your ult weaker). When attacking, you want to try and not use abilities and rush for your ult. You can either do this super risky, not caring about morale and just burning through both troops to win the game with 1 rudo ult, or do it smartly and trying not to lose morale but still pressure. Once you get 4th, you may be tempted to use it right away, but resist. Your ult has a long cooldown, so you have to wait for the right moment, so watch how many troops are in the battlefield and your opponent’s overall troop count on the top bar. Once you have ult, it forces your opponent to keep troops at base, which means he will have less troops to attack with giving you the advantage. Now you can use your 2nd to attack buildings and hopefully take them, but try to avoid using your 3rd at all times and only use your 1st in dire need. Ult if you have the opportunity to punish your opponent, but like I said before, you basically have 1 shot.

Defensive Walls

Rudo. Skill "defensive Walls"


“Defensive walls” increase the defense of a building by 125-135% for 5-10 seconds. Try to use this ability only when you need to. Some good uses would include putting on a building that would save it from being taken (like 20 troops going into a building with 15), or when there is a huge attack going into one building, so you will lose less troops and have more troops for a counter attack. A good rule of thumb would be to use it if they have 30 or more units attacking your building. Due to the fact that it increase defense by a percentage, you will get more value out of it if you use it on buildings with higher defensives, more forges, and/or if you have morale. Cooldown is 20-40 seconds.

Rudo hero. Skill 1 details

Boots of Swiftness

Rudo. Skill "Speed Boots"

“Boots of Swiftness” increases the movement speed of all units in the target area by 45%-65% (can also affect neutral and enemy units). The effect only happens to troops that are moving, and stops once the troop enters the building. This ability is great for sudden attacks to the enemy’s back line (normally fewer troops there). You want to cast this as soon as possible, so as soon as you have all your attacking troops out of their building, use the ability. The ability can also be used to speed up your own troops to defend, but that is rare and you should try to avoid it if you can. Remember, this can also be used on enemies, so in a 2v2 you could speed up enemy troops into a building with Ahnk’s 2nd on it (invincibility) to get more of an advantage. Cooldown is 40-60 seconds.

Rudo hero. Skill 2 details

Magic Star

Rudo. Magic Star Skill


“Magic Star” increase your morale by 1 star and prevents your morale from decaying for 5-10 seconds. If you don’t think you will need your energy or have too much energy, use this ability. At a standstill, you can use it to help gain a morale advantage and not lose morale when upgrading so you can go in for a big attack once you seem fit. Cooldown is 70-100 seconds.

Rudo hero. Skill 3 details


Rudo. Skill "Sabotage"

“Sabotage” activates an attack of 30-45 units. That attack is evenly distributed to all enemy buildings with a delay of 2.2 seconds. To properly use this skill, wait until the enemy has no troops in their buildings, and use it to take those buildings. Note that anytime you take a building with sabotage, you get the morale for taking it, so if you end up taking a lot, you will also be at a huge morale advantage. Be sure to watch what your opponent is doing. High-level players like to snake and support key buildings, usually meaning that they are constantly moving out troops from their back line. If they do that, you could simply take most of their buildings at the click of the button, winning the game. But watch out, they could possibly be baiting out your ult, seeming to have less than they do. The cooldown is 100-140 seconds, so when you use it make it count.

Rudo hero. Skill 4 details

Using this skill as a normal attack isn’t recommended. If you think a building is empty or low, instead of just using the ability, try to bait out more units away from it by attacking a building that is far away, drawing defense away from where your ult will attack.

Rudo. Skill "sabotage" before activation Rudo. Skill "sabotage" after activation