Герой Чиа

Totem of Rage

Chia skill totem
“Totem of Rage” applies to a specified area. Allied buildings and units in the area get an extra forge effect. Cooldown 20-40 seconds.


Chia skill rain


The “Sleep” skill can be applied to a specific area. Has the effect of slowing down enemy or neutral units passing through the affected area. Cooldown 70-100 seconds.

Rolling Stones

Chia skill rolling stones


The “Rolling Stones” skill applies to a specified area. From 20 to 40 units within it will turn into rolling stones. Once a stone reaches the target building, it inflicts increased damage to it but cannot capture it. Cooldown 40-60 seconds.



Peaks-O. Skill Four


The “Sandstorm” skill can be applied to a specified area. Enemy units get stuck in the storm, losing their way and some of them turn into sand men (neutral units). Cooldown 100-140 seconds.