Герой Зик

Guide for Zik

Zik – lord of time and lightning. Zik is very effective at early game, but has no attacking potential in the later stages of the match. Hero control is average.

Secret Service

Zik. Skill Secret Service

«Secret Service» ability when used on enemy units shows where they are attacking by putting a SOS on the target building. It will not tell you how many troops are going into said building, just what building(s) are being attacked. In higher level games, this is a pretty useless ability as most players can guess where the units are attacking, but in large maps or maps where it’s hard to figure out, it can be useful. Even though higher level players don’t use it, can be great help for newer players. Normally you want to use once a majority of the attack is out already, and then defend the attacked buildings accordingly. When playing against Zik, try to send very small amounts of units to lots of buildings, so when Zik uses this ability, it shows a lot of buildings attacked, preventing him from knowing which one is going to get attacked the most. 20-40 second cooldown.

Zik hero. Skill 1 details

Time Loop

Zik. Skill Time Loop«Time Loop» ability allows you to return all enemy troops in the radius back 2.5-3.5 seconds ago. One of the most powerful abilities in the game. It may not seem like a lot of time on paper, but in game it’s plenty, and super powerful. It can be used defensively or offensively. On defense, you can wait until your opponent uses an ability offensively, then reverse them, making them waste their ability and gain morale. It allows you to take neutral buildings with ease, as you can let them kill a majority of the building and then reverse them and take it yourself. It can also be used offensively, preventing troops from reinforcing a building, and allows you to reap the morale of the incoming troops. Just be careful when you use it. Better players will know you have this ability and wait for you to use it before doing something. If you are attacking, they may not send 100% of their troops to defend, and after you use the ability, then send troops to defend. They also may wait for you to just use the ability so they can attack you, such as a Stella might do with her 3rd. 40-60 second cooldown.

Zik hero. Skill 2 details


Zik. Skill Shortcut«Shortcut» ability can be used on friendly buildings and makes it so the next wave of units from that building will send a max of 25-35 units to the target building in 3-4 seconds (the number of units is dependent on level, while the time is dependent on morale). It takes time as the units still have to move a set distance before entering the building. Since the ability just makes it so the next wave you send gets the shortcut, you can use it on a building and just not activate it, saving it. The cooldown will still count down and you can even have multiple instances of it on the field. To best utilize it, you should attack buildings with low amounts of units, as you can only send a small amount of units. Just try to send it into a building and keep the building. There is no point in using the ability to take a building if the opponent is just going to take it back. Can be used defensively, but would only use when it is 100% needed. 70-100 second cooldown.

Zik hero. Skill 3 details

Chain Reaction

Zik. Skill Chain Reaction«Chain Reaction» ability allows you to instantly destroy 70-100 units of 1 color, including allied and your own units, anywhere on the map. It kills the color of the closest unit to where it was activated, so if you and your opponent have units on top of each other, there is a chance you could kill your own units. Can be used defensively or offensively. On defense it can cripple a massive attack or stop an attack all together. On offense you can kill off reinforcing troops and maybe take the buildings in which those units where coming from. If you know you or you ally’s attack will not work, you can kill your own units to prevent feeding morale to your opponent. Although it can be used during late game, it shines in the mid game as you can kill the vast majority of the opponents troops. 100-140 second cooldown.

Zik hero. Skill 4 details