Герой Клоц

Guide for Klotz


Klotz. Skill Turncoats«Turncoats» ability can be used on enemy villages (including neutrals) and makes it so all units produced leave the building, and head towards Klotz’s nearest building as his troops for 8-10 seconds. This skill is good early game as it can help you gain more troops and slow down your opponent. You really want to use this on higher level villages rather than lower level ones, but be sure your troops don’t die to random towers. The ability will not work on buildings that aren’t producing, so any village with max amount of units will not give you units. You can use this on neutrals by attacking the neutral so it isn’t at its unit max, then using the ability on it. Against Stella, try to use it when and if she uses her 1st, as you will get the extra unit generation. Same for Wilford’s 2nd. Cooldown is 20-40 seconds.

Klotz hero. Skill 1 details


Klotz. Skill Charm «Charm» ability is used on friendly buildings and puts a charm on preventing opponent from sending attacks towards it, and preventing 40-60 units from entering the building, sending them back home. This last for 8-10 seconds. Units sent home will move faster than normal. When fighting for buildings, you can try to barley take a building, and if you get it for a split second you can use the 2nd to force away the enemy and keep it. You can also use it to protect yourself from attacks, and even protect against some abilities. Cooldown is 40-60 seconds.

Klotz hero. Skill 2 details


Klotz. Skill Exchange«Exchange» This ability can be used on enemy buildings and swaps positions with one of your buildings at random. The swap stops all buffs/debuffs on the building as well, allowing you to deal with defensive abilities like anhk’s 2nd, Klotz’s 2nd, Kenor’s 1st or 2nd, ect… You want to try and have at least a moderate amount of units in all your buildings before you use it (at least 20). There are many different ways you can use it:

  1. The enemy removed a bunch of units from his back line. You can swap an enemy building out and start attacking the backline with your building that is now back there, or just be a nuisance, using your 1st and 2nd to make it hard to take back.
  2. Can be use to expose the enemies forge, allowing you to take it with ease, reducing their attacking and giving you more.
  3. Send a big attack towards one building and when he tries to reinforce it swap the building, forcing those reinforcements to attack it and give you morale and a good foothold on his side of the map to maybe turn into a tower.
    Cooldown is 70-100 seconds.

Klotz hero. Skill 3 details

Concomitant Casualties

Klotz. Skill Concomitant Casualties«Concomitant Casualties» ability can be used on enemy buildings (and neutrals). When used, it will count how much damage that building takes within skill time of action and then apply that damage to the 3-5 nearest enemy buildings (enemy and neutral alike). This can be an extremely powerful spell, having the potential to kill a majority of the opponents units. You can send a big attack to a central building, using the ability on it when they are about to enter, and then time a second attack to attack some nearby buildings to take them once the damage is applied to them. Normally you will do enough damage to the main building to put all the nearby buildings at 0 units. This can be a bit risky, though, as you will have to feed a bit of morale to get the damage off. A much safer way to use the ability is use it when the enemy attacks a neutral building with tons of troops. The ability will count the damage done the building, then apply that to your opponents nearby units, killing them off without you having to give off morale. There is a way to counter this ability as well. The damage is only done to units inside the building, and it will not take it past 0 units. So right before the damage is done, if you send all your troops outside the building, they will not die.Cooldown is 100-140 seconds.

Klotz hero. Skill 4 details