Hero Peaks-O


Peaks-O. Skill First
“UFO” skill. Shoots at the enemy units within the specified area. Cooldown 20-40 seconds.

Accelerating Pulse

Peaks-O. Skill second

“Accelerating Pulse” skill. Units achieve the edge of the specified area in no time. Cooldown 40-60 seconds.

Energy Aura

Peaks-O. Skill Four

“Energy Aura” skill. Applied to player’s own units in the specified area. Energy shield appears around every unit killing enemy units contacting it. The shield disappears by itself after a while or under impact of a tower attack. Cooldown 70-100 seconds.


Peaks-O. Skill Three

“Gravity” skill. Applied to the specified area. Enemy units within it soar above the ground. After a certain time they fall and partially die. Cooldown 100-140 seconds.




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