Wilford. Skill First
“Builder” skill. Applied to player’s own or allied building. Allows to upgrade or convert the specified building for free in no time. Cooldown 20-40 seconds.

Production Transfer

Wilford. Skill second

“Production Transfer” skill. Transfer production of all own villages to the specified building. Duration time from 8 to 12 seconds. Cooldown 40-60 seconds.

Arithmetical Mean

Wilford. Skill Three

“Arithmetical Mean” skill. Equalizes the number of units in all buildings of the specified player. Cooldown 70-100 seconds.

Golden Morale

Wilford. Skill Four

“Golden Morale” skill. Gives 5 stars of morale to the player for a certain time. Restores former level of morale afterwards.Duration time from 3 to 5 seconds. Cooldown 100-140 seconds.