Hero of Mooro

Unholy Attack

Peaks-O. Skill First
The “Unholy Attack” skill raises a squad of skeletons from the ground close to the specified enemy building and attacks it. Cooldown 20-40 seconds.

Skill Steal

Peaks-O. Skill second

“Skill Steal” copies the last used skill of an enemy. It becomes available for a one-time usage. Cooldown 40-60 seconds.

Bloody Victim

Peaks-O. Skill Three

The “Bloody Victim” skill means that every unit the player loses while this skill is active adds morale. Cooldown 70-100 seconds.


Peaks-O. Skill Four

“Cauldron” turns the specified enemy building into a neutral first-level one and covers it with a cauldron. No units can be sent to that building from that moment. The next usage of this skill removes the cauldron from the previous building. Cooldown 100-140 seconds.