Герой Кри

A guide for Cree

Cree – A powerful spellcaster. Very good in 2v2 when you and partner are on opposite sides. Usually a defensive hero, but his invisibility and reverse can be use to help take buildings. Sadly, due to the fact that his teleportation takes a long time to start, in higher level games he is rarely scene, but he still can be very good. Normally you will want to use invisibility to take back line buildings, then support them with long distant teleportation, saving your 3rd to counter specific enemy abilities, but since his abilities have a lot of versatility, there is no 1 way to play him, as many things works. He is a hero with average complexity.


Cree. Skill Teleport«Teleport» allows you to send 50-75% of units in a building to any building without the units walking. There are 2 stages this ability, the first is when it draws troops out, the second when it dumps the troops to the destination. Both last 2 seconds. This means that troops won’t start teleporting into the building for 2 seconds, and it takes 2 seconds for all the troops to enter the building. This is very good in 2v2, and you can also give it to your ally to teleport units to you. When you use the ability, it puts a black hole thing above the building, indicating it is ready to teleport. The teleporting won’t begin until you move troops from that building to the desired friendly building. Or expires in 30 seconds after usage. If you click on an enemy building, it will just send troops normally, not teleporting, but also not wasting the teleport. Another thing to note is you don’t want to wait until the last second to use the ability. As said earlier, there is a delay before the troops start entering the building. If you lose the building before the troops come, those troops that were about to be teleported just die. Cooldown is 20-40 seconds.

Cree hero. Skill 1 details


Cree. Skill Invisibility«Invisibility» makes friendly units invisible in the specified radius for 10-15 seconds. Use the spell as soon as you can on your troops so your opponent has little time to figure out where you are actually sending them. If you do it quick enough and have forges, the attack is extremely hard to defend, even for top level players. Cooldown 40-60 seconds.

Cree hero. Skill 2 details


Cree. Skill Reverse«Reverse» sends back all enemy troops in a specified area. The ability lasts 1,5-4 seconds, while the enemy will just go back to where they came from without a time limit. This can be used in the early game to take a main strategic point from your opponent. Just wait for their troops to kill off most of the neutrals, and deploy it when it is super easy to take, as the reverse effect only affects enemy troops and has no delay. Might even be smart to delay your upgrading to take control points from opponent to have the strategic advantage. In bigger maps, units take a long time to get to places. You can use this to your advantage by taking the time to develop or attack their under-protected buildings. Cooldown 70-100 seconds.

Cree hero. Skill 3 details

Assault Force

Cree. Skill Assault ForceУмение «Assault Force» adds 75-100 troops to a building over the period of 4-7 seconds.This allows you to get a larger army at the right time, for emergency protection or maybe a surprise attack. Because it gives troops over time and not instantly, it is a very good idea to snake the troops out as they come in, allowing for more damage. Cooldown is 100-140 seconds.

Cree hero. Skill 4 details