Герой Стелла

Guide for Stella

Stella – The Invincible Queen. She was the most powerful character for earning rating points in v1.8.4. Each of her abilities are useful and works good against any hero. A favorite among top players, though to use to her full potential can be challenging. She is a pretty difficult character.

Speed Up Production

Stella. Skill Speed Up Production«Speed Up Production» speeds up the production of units in the selected village by 150-200% for 7.5-10 seconds. Normally you want to use this skill only on buildings that are level 3 and up, but in some cases you might need to use it on a level 2 village. Use when you need troops, but be careful. Against Trini and Klotz, they can counter it with their 1st and most times it is better to save mana for better abilities. Although risky, you can put it on a building being attacked to help it survive the attack, but if you lose the building you also lose the buff. 20-40 second cooldown.

Stella hero. Skill 1 details


Stella. Skill Silence«Silence» prevents all spells from being casted by all players for 3,5-6 seconds. Can be a very powerful spell, but needs to be used at the right time. Try and use it right before your opponent uses their ability. If your opponent attacks, look and see what abilities he has to help him attack and when he would use it. Some examples of spells you would want to silence when your opponent is attacking is “Rage” (Ayner), “Hypnosis” (Marty-O), “Decrease Defense” (Stella), and “Panic” (Pahom). Spells you might want to silence when attacking are “Energy Shield” (Marty-O), “Ring of Fire” (Ayner), “Assault Force” (Cree), “Ring of Frost” (Trini), and “Home” (Pahom). 40-60 seconds cooldown.

Stella hero. Skill 2 details

Decrease Defense

Stella. Skill Decrease Defense«Decrease Defense» removes 75-100% of a building’s defense for 1,5-2,4 seconds. This is one of the most powerful skills in the game as it basically allows you to take any building (some abilities counter it so watch out). Can use this ability to get a building without losing too much morale early on, or take out a huge choke point with lots of units in it. The more forges you have, the more utility you get out of the ability, so try and at least have 1 forge when using it. Watch your opponent and their abilities. Only use this if they don’t have a counter to it. For instance, when playing another Stella, try and use it a bit earlier (like 1 full seconds before your units arrived) to make sure it doesn’t get silenced. Doesn’t have too long of a cooldown, so try and use it whenever it’s up to get the most value out of it (don’t waste it though). 70-100 seconds cooldown.

Stella hero. Skill 3 details


Stella. Skill Treason«Treason» turns enemy units in the radius into your troops (30-40 max units). It chooses which units get turned into your troops randomly. Very useful spell both on attack or defense. In most cases, getting a good use out of this ability just once will give you the victory. Sometimes, like Rudo, Stella might try and rush this ability to get a unit advantage and win. Be sure to watch out for it when playing. It’s hard to defend against, so the best way to deal with it is to make your opponent use it defensively, and take advantage while it is on a long cooldown. 100-140 second cooldown.

Stella hero. Skill 4 details