Update v.3.17

The update is ready to be downloaded on the stores for all your mobile devices 🍄
Find update details below 👇

Added Features

⚙ Artifacts v.2.0
– Craft Artifacts in a new Forge.
– New Artifacts are suitable for all heroes.

⚙ New event “Pirate adventure”!
Win Ayner Pirate skin, new unit’s skin, gold, gems, chests, Artifacts and runes.
Dates: 22 August – 18 September 🗓

⚙ Invite codes
Newcomers can earn bonuses by activating promo code.


⚖ Q9, Q35, T16 and Sankthans maps.

Fixed Bugs

🦎 Players spend energy in Tournament mode games.
🦎 Tournament mode description has different font size.
🦎 Sometimes hero selector works incorrectly if player chooses a hero on event games.
🦎 “Row density” doesn’t change based on Kenor’s “Close Ranks” skill level.
🦎 “Time of action” doesn’t change based on Dora’s “Accelerating Vortex” skill level.
🦎 “Time of action” doesn’t change based on Trini’s “Tornado” skill level.
🦎 “Time of action” doesn’t change based on Chia’s “Sandstorm” skill level.
🦎  Match crashes, if Pix-O’s “UFO” and Pahom’s “Home” skills were used.
🦎  Passive “Cooldown reduction” skills doesn’t work.
🦎 Sometimes players could be asked to increase Artifacts inventory storage even, if they have enough space for new Artifacts.
🦎 Special offer could pop-up in the battle.
🦎 Leaderboard has visual mistakes for from top-7 to top-20 players.
🦎 Players receive a suggestion to turn on chest notifications endless amount of times.
🦎 Game doesn’t work for Samsung Galaxy A70 (a70q).

Known, but not fixed Bugs

🐞 Invite again on 2v2 matches doesn’t work if both players tap the button at the same time.
🐞 Some skill’s icons could stack on the map during the battle if Stella has used her 2nd skill “Silence”.
🐞 Automatic account recovery through GameCenter.
🐞 Quests text displays incorrectly when you receive next day tasks.
🐞 Ranked list isn’t available for Golden and lower leagues.
🐞 Custom games are included in players’ profile statistic
🐞 Kenor and Sato’Shii can make building as invisible.
🐞 Marty-O’s “Fog of War” skill hasn’t information about “Time of action”.
🐞 Pix-O’s 3rd and 4th skills videos are messed up.
🐞 Some players has lags and freezes during a battle after 3.15.0 version update.
🐞 Sometimes hero selector works incorrectly if player tries to play again 2v2 games.
🐞 Player with unstable connection can send “invisible” units.
🐞 Replay endscreen shows incorrect amount of points.
🐞 Sometimes player can see amount of opponents units in buildings in 2v2 mode.
🐞 Endscreen for 4 players match not showing because of “no connection” error message.
🐞 Reduce price for unlocking chests doesn’t work.

Good Luck, and let us know what you think of the newest Update 😜