Update v.4.0

The update is ready to be downloaded on the stores for all your mobile devices 🍄
Find update details below 👇

Added Features

 Rating season end:
– Ranked points will be reset to a certain amount, and all players will receive a personal trophy: their league medal with a result position on it.

New rating and leagues system:
– 19 leagues

  • Basic
  • 3 Wooden
  • 3 Iron
  • 3 Silver
  • 3 Golden
  • 3 Diamond
  • 3 PRO

– Each hero has it’s own leaderboard now and overall ranked position is the sum of all hero points.
– Finish screen shows specific hero ranked points, instead of overall ranked points as it was before.
– Ranked points formula for winning and losing match was changed.

Matchmaking is based on amount of specific hero’s ranked points, instead of overall player’s ranked points as it was before.

Player’s profile:
– Passive skills progression screen of any player.
– Possibility to read about all Artifacts currently equipped on any hero of any player.

Unread news indicator.

Fixed Bugs

🦎 Ranked list isn’t available for Golden and lower leagues.
🦎 It was impossible to take off some Artifacts.
🦎 Players received a different Artifact from the one shown in their Mushroom Pass.

Known, but not fixed Bugs

🐞 Invite again on 2v2 matches doesn’t work if both players tap the button at the same time.
🐞 Some skill’s icons could stack on the map during the battle if Stella has used her 2nd skill “Silence”.
🐞 Automatic account recovery through GameCenter.
🐞 Quests text displays incorrectly when you receive next day tasks.
🐞 Custom games are included in players’ profile statistic
🐞 Kenor and Sato’Shii can make building as invisible.
🐞 Marty-O’s “Fog of War” skill hasn’t information about “Time of action”.
🐞 Pix-O’s 3rd and 4th skills videos are messed up.
🐞 Some players has lags and freezes during a battle after 3.15.0 version update.
🐞 Sometimes hero selector works incorrectly if player tries to play again 2v2 games.
🐞 Player with unstable connection can send “invisible” units.
🐞 Replay endscreen shows incorrect amount of points.
🐞 Sometimes player can see amount of opponents units in buildings in 2v2 mode.
🐞 Endscreen for 4 players match not showing because of “no connection” error message.
🐞 Reduce price for unlocking chests doesn’t work.

Good Luck, and let us know what you think of the newest Update 😜