Marty-O’s MechaUniverse

Join Marty-O’s MechaUniverse and unlock MechaWarrior Marty-O skin, Legendary Artifacts for Marty-O and Cree, space combat and classic unit skins and new avatar frame! Win Premium, Gold, Gems, Artifacts, Runes, Shards, and many other rewards.

New Avatar Frame


📅 7-26 July 2022.


  1. First you have to earn Event Tickets and you can accomplish this by:
    — Every player gets 50 Tickets for their first login.
    — Winning multiplayer games (both ranked and 2v2) – from 2 to 8 Tickets per battle.
    — Watching ads – 10 per ad (limit is 3 ads per day).
    — Players will receive 50 extra Tickets per day for Mecha Pass owners.
    — Players can purchase levels on the event shop.
  2. Then you have to spend these Tickets to play in special event Battles – 10 per battle.
    — Every time you win in Special Event Battles, you will collect 50 Cups (+25 Cups for Mecha Pass owners).
  3. Finally, by collecting these Cups you are able to achieve and unlock incredible rewards!

There will be 2 different Passes through out this Lunar New Year event

🤩 Free pass – unlocked for free for everyone.
😎 Lunar pass – purchased it to be able to unlock additional rewards.

Available Rewards

🎁 MechaWarrior Marty-O skin
🎁 Legendary Artifacts for Marty-O and Cree
🎁 Space combat and classic unit skins
🎁 New avatar frame
🎁 Gold, Gems, Runes and Shards
🎁 Both normal and Artifact Chests.
🎁 Premium

Join the mission!