Patch notes 4.36

Artifact Collections

We introduce a new feature – Artifact Collections. Heroes with Legendary Artifacts set – armor, weapon, and amulet – are in for a treat. Explore upgraded versions of these Artifacts, with improved stats and an enticing passive bonus when you equip three on a single hero. We are planning to add more sets in the future.

Note: you can still use previous Legendary Artifacts, but you wouldn’t be able to make Collections of them.

Rudo’s Legendary Artifacts rebalance

  • Legendary Armor (“Faith in Victory”) will give 1 morale star after 30 seconds since the begging of the match instead of the very beginning. After that, morale won’t be lower than 1 till the end of the match as usual.
  • Legendary Amulet (“Warrior’s Frenzy”) will give a lower speed boost for using “Boots of Speed”: 1.25 instead of 1.5. 

Dev commentary: The immediate granting of 1 morale star significantly impacted early-game dynamics, so we added a short delay for this passive skill of the Rudo’s Legendary Armor. Additionally, the combination of the Legendary Amulet with “Boots of Speed” provided an excessively high speed boost for units, so we slightly lowered the boost to make it more balanced.


  • In the interest of fair play, we’re refining the dynamics of the “BFG-9000” skill. Moving forward, Odur will exclusively employ this skill on his own buildings, ensuring a balanced and less frustrating gameplay environment for 2v2 battles.
  • We fixed an issue when the 3rd skill of Utii, “Wind”, was ignoring the 3rd skill of Pix-O despite the fact that units under Pix-O’s “Energy Aura” should be immune to the skills of other heroes.
  • Fixed a bug with the Legendary Armor of Rudo (“Faith in Victory”), when in some cases morale disappeared.

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