Patch notes 4.37.X

New Hero – Ban’Shii

Introducing the new hero of the Shii’Mori tribe: Ban’Shii! Find out about the abilities of the new hero in our video:

Ban’Shii will be available in the Arena event.

Rating calculation change

The rating system has been revised. The change is aimed at minimizing situations where players receive +1 point for a win. With this decision, we want to increase the value of victories in the game and help players earn well-deserved rewards more easily. Some time after the change is implemented, we expect to have a more equitable distribution of rating points between players. We will continue to monitor match statistics and your feedback so that we can make further changes in future updates if necessary.


  • Using Spell Scrolls will count toward relevant Daily Quests.
  • The number of units in the forge at the central part of the map on Duplex 89 has been increased.

A bug has been resolved where, when the game sound was turned off, sound was still playing in the offers.