Best Golden Player Summer 2017 [iOS] Tournament

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Tournament has been finished!

  1. Lomy (Turkey);
  2. T_ormoz (Russia);
  3. Fasse (Sweden);
  4. Focus (Russia);
  5. Bo3essam (Saudi Arabia);
  6. Expert (Israel);
  7. Qwerty (Russia);
  8. Artem. mihalich (Russia).


Lomy gets:

  • Cup or MW2 T-shirt (by devs decision);
  • Gold trophy icon;
  • Unique avatar or frame pic;
  • 3 Epic chests.

T_ormoz and Fasse get:

  • Silver and Bronze trophy icon;
  • Unique avatar or frame pic;
  • 3 Royal chests.

Focus, Bo3essam, ExPeRT, Qwerty and Artem.mihalich get:

  • 3 Gold chests.

About the tournament

There are 4 stages:

Players were separated on groups on each stage. Players played games with opponents inside group and obtained points:

  1. Win (including technical win) – 3 points;
  2. Draw – 2 points;
  3. Lose – 1 point;
  4. Didn’t show up – 0 points.

Players with higher summ of points passed to play-off stage and played to become the Best Golden Player Summer 2017 [iOS].


  1. Play-off would contain 8 players and would be played by double elimination system;
  2. Bracket would be created and based on player’s points as soon as new update would be published on AppleStore;
  3. First round pairs would be like:
    • Player 1 vs. Player 8;
    • Player 2 vs. Player 7;
    • Player 3 vs. Player 6;
    • Player 4 vs. Player 5;
  4. Approximate calendar of games:
    • Round 1 – 13.08-16.08 [3+ wins]
    • Round 2 and Losers Round 1 – 18.08-21.08 [4+ wins]
    • Semifinal and Losers Round 2 – 24.08-26.08 [5+ wins]
    • Losers Round 3 – 29.08-31.08 [5+ wins]
    • Losers Round 4 – 03.09-05.09 [6+ wins]
    • Finals – 08.09-11.09 [7+ wins]
  5. On each round winner should have 2 wins more than his opponent to close match to win a match (like a volleyball game);
  6. For example Round 1 in [3+ wins] format. If score is 3:2 – players should play 1 more game. If score becomes 3:3 after – players play 2 more games. If score becomes 4:4 after – they play 2 more again and again. Match would be closed with 3:1 or 4:2, or 5:3, or 6:4, or so on…
  7. Winner of a main bracket (winners’ bracket) would have 2 additional points at the start of Grand Final;
  8. All games should be played 1 vs. 1 with any mode: Conquest, Domination or King of the hill;
  9. Player with a higher score is a Player A. His opponents is a Player B;
  10. In case of both players have equal points Player A is a player with higher play-off bracket position;
  11. Player A invites first on the first game of a match, he also chooses map and mode;
  12. Loser of previous game (it could be Player A and Player B as well) should invite his opponent and choose map and mode;
  13. During the match the same player can not choose the same map more than one time, however the opponent can choose the same map if requested;
  14. Before match would be played players should ban heroes and maps
    • Each player ban 2 heros, so 4 heroes would be banned;
    • Each player ban 4 maps, so 8 maps would be banned;
  15. Order of ban selection:
    • Player A bans one hero;
    • Player B bans two heroes;
    • Player A bans one hero;
    • Player B bans two maps;
    • Player A bans 4 maps;
    • Player B bans two maps;
  16. D9, D23 and D28 are banned by default;
  17. Choose and play banned maps and heroes in a match is forbidden for both players;
  18. Players could skip each turn of ban process (and lose ban opportunity) if they want;
  19. After match has been played history of a match games should be screened and sent  with final game score directly to organizer or by e-mail to;
  20. All other moments which not included in this rules would be decided by organizers in the process.

In case of any questions please contact with us by e-mail

Or send private message to T_ormoz: Facebook, Vkontakte