King of the Hill Village

The king of The Hill village is very similar to the Domination village. It also has one set tier and cannot be change into other buildings. It also has a set defense, unit production, and unit amount capacity.

King of the Hill Village | Mushroom Wars 2

At the beginning of the game each player gets 300 points by default. Unless its Coop 2v2 Mode where you and your teammate receive 600 points by default. By capturing and holding King of The Hill villages, those points will start to decrease. A player wins by getting their points to 0 first, or just killing their opponent before that happens. The more king of the hill villages you control, the faster your points will decrease. Small note, the points are not actually integers (non-fraction numbers), but fractions. Although displaced as integers. Due to this, a scenario in which a player can reach 0 points, but still not get the victory, as they have not really reach 0, but are a fraction closer to it. The video below shows that happening.

Each king of hill village takes 1 point per second, so the more villages you have, the faster you win.

Just like the Domination village, although it has light armor, the building it immune to building-targeting spells. But area targeting spells still work.