Passive skills

Passive skills Mushroom Wars 2

Passive skills affects a player characteristics on various ways. Among but not limited to: Conversion and Building Upgrade speed, Energy gain rate, Max Charges, various Morale indicators, density of troop rows and Speed of Troop movement.

Each Skill can be purchased by Runes and Gold.

Runes can be earned in several ways:

  1. Profile level up – 4 Runes for each level up
  2. Hero unlock:
    Runes for hero unlocking
  3. A Hero’s active skill upgrade:
    Runes for hero skills upgrades
  4. Open chests probablity:
    Runes for chest openings

You can earn Gold by opening Chests or purchase it from in-game store by gems.

There are 6 passive skill Trees:

  1. Wooden
  2. Copper
  3. Iron
  4. Silver
  5. Golden
  6. Diamond

Each tree contains a unique amount of Passive Skills you can open. The higher the level of the tree and the power of Passive Skill, the more expensive it will be to purchase it. You can only advance to the next Tree by completely finishing the previous one. Moreover, for the completion of one Tree, the player would be awarded and proceed with access to the next passive Tree level.

Awards for finishing Tree:

Awards for finishing trees

All Passive Skills are divided into 3 types:


  • Building upgrade speed
  • Building conversion speed
  • Conversion cost
  • Cooldown morale
  • Moral decline rate
  • Morality for killing enemies with towers
  • Moral for improvement
  • Morale for the loss of units
  • Energy recruitment rate
  • Charges
  • Charge replenishment rate
  • Increased gold
  • Chest opening speed
  • Chest opening cost
  • Increased number of cards on chest


  • Cooldown skills
  • Village capacity
  • Tower firing speed
  • Tower firing range
  • Production speed
  • Row density
  • Movement speed


  • Attack Forge
  • Protection
  • Village protection
  • Tower defense