How to simultaneously send troops to one building?

There are many ways to win a War against an opponent, no matter if the opponent is in Campaign Episode or in Ranked/Arcade mode! But sometimes it can be hard to win and therefore todays Trick will be to teach you how to select multiple buildings at the same time to be able to attack and defend faster than your opponent, or as we call it: Multiselect. You should use the Multiselect when you want to stress your opponent or distract them, because they can never be fully ready when an attack comes from different angles. You should also use Multiselect when an opponent attacks you, because it helps you defend your villages faster than their attack!

The way to Multiselect on Mobile, is to lightly tap 3 fingers at the same time anywhere on the screen and then hold and drag your finger over the villages that you want to use. Use your other hand or fingers to move unit troops.

The way to Multiselect on Steam, is to left click then hold and drag over the villages that you want to use and then move unit troops by right click.

If you want to use 1, 2 or all your villages, it’s completely up to your preference.

How do you use Multiselect to your advantage?


Combine Multiselect and Snakes together to increase your attack power or defence even faster!