How to make a Snake

How to move troops in a dense group?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is always “How do you send Units so Fast, Compact and tight, are you cheating?” Today we’re shocking you with how simple it really is!

We call this special and rapid Unit sending move the Snake. Besides it being visual beautiful, Snaking also gives you an opportunity to make more powerful and tricky Attacks against you opponents, as well as managing you defence much better and easier.

For Attacking purpose you should use it because it confuses the opponent on how many units there are truly being sent at them. The faster you press and Attack, the more rapid and compact the Units will obviously be. The point is to make a 35 Unit Attack look like a 15 Unit Attack. this way, the opponent will only be ready and defending with perhaps 20 Units, since they will think it is enough, that is the powerful and tricky part!

For Defending purposes you should be Snaking so that when a attack comes your way, perhaps from multiple locations or opponents as well as towards multiple of your own Villages, you have the chance to Defend faster. It is much easier to control your Units when you have the Units % setting to only 25%. This allows you to spread out your Defending Units more evenly and results in a much higher successful Defend!

Here are a few short instructions on how to make the classic Snake sending:

  1. Set amount of Sending Units to 25%
  2. For Mobile, tap and hold on one finger on required building with 35 or less units you want to Snake from. For Steam players, left click to select a building with your mouse
  3. Finally, tap as fast as you possible can on the requested building you want to Snake to. Either using a second finger or use your other hands fingers, but don’t forget to keep holding your first finger on first building. And for Steam players you right click as fast as you can on requested building!
  4. You did it, you made a Snaked!

In the beginning it might be hard to control, however once you start using it and get some practice, you start questioning how you ever won Wars without it!

A snake wave could also be created with 50% and 75% amount of units sending. There are should be 17 or less units for 50% and 11 or less for 75% on first building.


To create the most deadly snake, try the next feint. From one or several houses, send in any way troops to the building from which you want to launch a snake. At the moment when the troops are still moving, and the number of units in the house starts to approach the value of 35 units, start to send the snake – this wave will contain a large number of units that will cause the greatest possible damage per unit of time released from one building.

Also try to combine the sending of troops with a snake and multiselect of buildings to achieve even greater effect.

Watch the video below as example how blue player creates really fat snake: