Update v.4.1

Added Features

⚙ Epic sale
Dates: 13 – 17 October :calendar_spiral:
Purchase in-game items with impressive discounts:

  • Gems, Runes, Chests and Gold
  • Forge currencies: Shards and Glyphs
  • Artifact chests and Epic Artifacts
  • Heroes, Heroes’ skins and units’ skins
  • Campaign Episodes

Fixed Bugs

🦎 Pix-O’s 3rd and 4th skills videos are messed up.
🦎 Heroes’ qualifications feature was taken back for newbies. Qualification lets you to play 10 games without any ranked points loss with recently opened hero.
🦎 All rating leaderboards were fixed.
🦎 Downloading data icon was added in between leagues and heroes leaderboard screens.

Known, but not fixed Bugs

🐞 Known bugs list was moved to a permanent page, which will be updated from time to time. You can check it anytime on https://mw2.su/en/updates-history-en/known-bugs/.


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