Update v.4.3

Added Features

⚙ Black Friday sale
Dates: 26 November – 4 December  :calendar_spiral:
Purchase in-game items with impressive discounts:

  • Gems, Runes, Chests and Gold
  • Forge currencies: Shards and Glyphs
  • Artifact chests and Epic Artifacts
  • Heroes, Heroes’ skins and units’ skins
  • Campaign Episodes

⚙ New rating system and matchmaking improvements
We have changed the rating formula, from now on you will start getting more ranked points by winning and lose less ranked points by losing matches. That means more experienced players will quickly climb up the ranked ladder and the system will know not to match them with less experienced players as often.

⚙ Finish screen
Finish screen used to show calculated amount of hero’s ranked points including that played match, from now it will show the amount of points the hero had when the match was started.


⚖ Units’ paths on D53 near the top middle building is fixed.

Fixed Bugs

🦎 Multiple push-notifications when an event starts.

Known, but not fixed Bugs

🐞 Known bugs list was moved to a permanent page, which will be updated from time to time. You can check it anytime on https://mw2.su/en/updates-history-en/known-bugs/.


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