Update 4.38.X

Arena: MechaWarrior Marty-O

This time Arena is dedicated to all fans of Marty-O. Get cool Legendary Artifacts for your Collections and the shiny MechaWarrior skin for Marty-O! Arena rewards: Legendary Artifacts for Marty-O (Collection), Legendary Artifacts for Pix-O (Collection) and Dora, Spell Scroll for Marty-O, and many other rewards!

Big Bug Race rewards: Legendary Artifact for Marty-O (Collection), Legendary Artifacts for Pahom and Ayner, Spell Scrolls for Kenor and Stella, and many other rewards!

Map changes

In this update, we paid special attention to the maps in Mushroom Wars 2. We improved the balance on the 8 maps. In the future, we plan to make improvements to other maps and adapt some maps from the 2v2 mode for the Rating mode and vice versa.

  • Duplex 21 – The starting village locations have been changed to reflect a mirror image.
  • Duplex 86 – The blue player was not attacked by the nearest Tower, unlike the red one. Both Towers have been changed to level 3, so players will receive an equal amount of exposure from them.
  • Quadrex 1 – The balance of neutral Villages on the map has been revised. Now, the nearest Village to each of the four players will be at level 3 and contain 15 units.
  • Quadrex 10 – All buildings on the map have been redesigned. Each player now starts the game in two Villages that are level three and two, while all other buildings on the map are neutral (previously, players started in four level 1 Villages).
  • Quadrex 24 – Previously, players mostly rushed with all units to the central Forges, and the winner in this race had a high probability of becoming the overall game winner. We decided to replace both Forges with Towers and reduce the number of units in the starting buildings. This adjustment aims to create a more interesting match on this map.
  • Quadrex 47 – The level of buildings closest to the players’ Villages is now equal for all players.
  • Quadrex 49 – The units in the Tower between players have been increased to 35, and the units in the Forges have been increased to 60 units.
  • Quadrex 50 – All buildings on the map have been redesigned. Players now have starting buildings in the middle of the map and have the opportunity to expand to the outside neutral villages. Previously, all villages were level one, with each player having three villages.


  • Resolved a bug with Ban’Shii that caused broken replays.
  • Units will no longer go under the map in Episode 4, Mission 38 of the campaign.