Energy and Skills

One of the new things that seperates Mushroom wars 2 from its original versions was the addition of heroes with unique sets of skills/abilities. As a result, the games have become more diverse and dynamic.

Despite each hero having a unique set of skills, every hero follows a set of rules:

  • Each hero has a energy max of 500, which allows them to use for example their 4th and 1st simultaneously or 2nd and 3rd
  • The cost of and cooldown of skills are dependant of abilities level. The higher level of ability, the more it costs and longer for it to cooldown.

Energy levels | Mushroom Wars 2

There are two ways to get energy:

  1. Losing your troops via attack (energy=0.45*k for a unit that dies when attacking, where k is your lack of morale).
    Index k | Mushroom Wars 2
  2. Just waiting – you get 2.5 energy per second.

The lower your morale, the more energy you will get for each unit lost. For example, you can get the same amount of energy as you would get with a 4 morale start attack of 723 units, as you would get with 0 morale start attack of 145 units.

You should also know that when you lose units from abilities of heroes, you get no energy!

At the end of 2018 we have also had the big change of Rush Mode during battles! This mode gets activated 2 minutes (120 seconds) into every single Multiplayer, 2v2 and Custom Gamemode, but not Campaign. Rush Mode means Double Energy Points collection and half Cooldown System for every ability. The main reason for Rush Mode is to not prolong Battles more than necessary and for longer maps to have a more exciting feeling to them!