Interview with DeeeeeeeeepON

*Andryukha is a casual form for the name Andrei
Simferopol, Crimea, Russia

You’re living in Crimea. What would you rather do in your free time: go to the beach or play MW2? Where would you like to go on vacation, and what advice do you have on this for MW2 players?
Vacations are great! I can’t give advice, but I’ll give a hint. Everyone’s vacation is different: some people like it calm, to be with family and don’t like to go anywhere, some like nature, forest or mountains, some like the sea and long flights to the most mysterious resorts of the world… so it’s hard to really give any advice on this matter. But there is one place))) The Crimean Peninsula is an amazing and unique place. To be honest, I’m very happy that I was born here. One has to see it for oneself to understand the might and beauty of Crimean nature, its fields, steppes, and southern mountains… the greatness of the Black and Azov seas… The weather is awesome here, and the people are very nice. Words can’t describe how good this place is, so I definitely advise you to come visit it. What about free time, the sea and MW2? Well, you can easily combine these things and play mushrooms on the beach… BUT honestly I don’t like the sea so much… that’s why if I’m on vacation I take a couple of beers, go down to the swimming pool, and I play MW2 of course.
Tell us a bit about yourself
In real life I’m a “salesman, peddler, contractor” – I just sell everything that can be sold. I’m a foreign economic activity manager by education, and by profession too, as it happens. At 16 I already had my first work experience and my first salary. I won’t go into details about all the companies I worked for, but I was always selling something. I’m good at it. I work as a sales manager for the company Barservice at the moment. The company provides services for cafes, bars, and restaurants. That includes tableware, kitchen and bar equipment, and my favorite – syrups. My work is not just in the office, and I like that. I’m always going places, talking to clients, negotiations, presentations, tastings… I don’t like to sit in once place. And wherever I am – at the office or traveling for work, I can always find time for both work and MW2 – that’s also nice.

Tell us the story behind your nickname… Why are there so many letters «е»?
It’s a really old story. Sometime around 2000-2001, I discovered new music genres such as Techno, Minimal, Drum’n’Bass, Deep House… Actually, I already liked (and I still do like) Minimal Techno tracks, but because of my lack of knowledge, I thought it was Deep House… And at one point I decided to change my nickname to «Deep41k» in the game CS. In Russian, it reads «Deepchik»*, and of course, everyone called me Deep for short. This nickname took root nicely, and we became CS 1.6 champions of Crimea. And since smartphones appeared and games on them became a thing, the nickname became a little more modern. So in the first Mushroom Wars and in MW Space, my nick was ‘deeeeepon’. And in MW2 it became ‘DeeeeeeeeepON’. There are exactly 9 letters «е». Why 9? I don’t know, I just stretched the name just until it was long enough to be unordinary and catchy for my opponents. Whenever, in games or in life, I’ve done something cool, such as 3-4 headshots in one game, or made a perfect free-kick from 25 meters in football, or won a cool hookah in karaoke…. my friends yelled Deeeeeeeeeeeep, so it just happened…. Those are my life moments, but there’s the story)
*Deepchik in Russian is a somewhat playful casual iteration of a word Deep.

How did you start playing?
I’ve been playing the game passionately since MW Original. I had an iPhone 4s back then (and I still use apple tech by the way, and play on iPhone 7 and iPhone X). I downloaded the game because I liked games like TD Maze (Tower Defense). That involved defense and holding units back with cannons in different labyrinths. It all started with themed TD maps in Dota. But Mushroom Wars was a little bit different + online. So I just got hooked! Soon MW Space came out. And then it all happened. In life I’m always first in everything, I aim and work for the best, so in this game too I started to observe how different players play, to learn, repeat, and to observe the TOPs. One sunny day I was playing MW Space (can’t remember my rating, but I wasn’t TOP at all), and I matched 1×1 with Focus (read an interview with him here). Vova* was 3rd in the world then. He was a God for me, and I just instantly got sweaty, my hands started shaking, but in the end I won. It was fireworks for me, I was over the moon. I really put in some effort… can’t remember exactly how, but I found him (Focus) in VK**. I told him about my happiness and the victory, we talked a little about the game, and after that Vova added me to a chat room, where many still chat, «Mushroom Generals Guild». Everybody was already there, and I started to meet TOP players and learn tactics, and everything started to revolve around mushrooms… A game that you play and in it you aim for victories, where everything is dynamic and interesting, with awesome players and friends in real life. A game and social communication at once – how could you not like this, it’s really awesome!
*Short for Vladimir.
**VK – Vkontakte is a russian social platform, similar to Facebook.

DeeeeeeeeepON’s profile details on 21 February 2020.

Favorite game mode
I play all modes. I have no favorite… I can name the 3 modes I find the most interesting and useful:

  • 3rd place goes to 1x1x1x1 of any kind. It really is a brutal slaughter and you get +5 points to your rating =)
  • 2nd place goes to a 1×1 rating match, but only with a TOP player. I like to play and learn with players stronger and faster than me. On the other hand, if it’s me who is stronger and faster after all – it’s a good + to my rating =)
  • 1st place is a 2×2 with a friend. This mode is very useful. You can learn a lot and practice in it. You can do quests at the same time. It’s in the 1st place because you can easily choose a time, take your device, and then, most importantly, take a second device and call a friend, and not just play 2-4-6 hours non-stop, but also talk about the game in general, well, and also, just about life, share news and emotions with each other… everyone should try it!

Favorite hero
There’s a famous Focus’ quote which he often said at the CIS tournaments and in his streams: «Deeeeeeeeepon is the best Rudo on the planet!». Maybe that’s his personal opinion, maybe I was at some point, maybe it’s not true at all, but this phrase has greatly motivated me, I’m proud that it was him who said it. And most likely Rudo is the hero who was initially my favorite and will stay that way. My victories started with him, and recently, after a break, when I hadn’t played MW for a year, in a month I moved from gold league to TOP 50. It’s a character that’s very close to me.

DeeeeeeeeepON’s ranked games statistic for Рудо on 21 February 2020.

Favorite map
Quadrex 2. For sure! It’s just a really good old map! To be honest, I can’t tell why. When a map loads and I get Quadrex 2 – in any situation and with any opponents I instantly have a combative mood and I’m only set for victory. Just look at it, it’s on point, made for equality, it’s pretty, sunny, rays of sunlight are breaking right through the trees. It’s a cool forest map, really shroomy! It’s like you’re going through a forest, making your way through the trees, and here you go, Quadrex 2 and a lot of mushrooms! I’m looking at it right now, it’s just perfect! =)))))

Tell us about your path from novice to top player
Dang, guys)) 1030 hours just in matches… So many replays were watched, so many chests opened… There were moments when I fell asleep, and when I woke up my profile was open on my phone) Honestly: it’s not as hard to play and get better, as it is to find time for it… On the one hand, there’s a lot of time, but on the other hand, there’s never enough of it for the game. Real-life is also always a factor: family, and work, the car and vacations… But I’ve played a lot of matches in traffic jams, and I suspect that when I’m asleep I play at least a match (by memory)… I had no actual mentors. I always watched the best players and looked up to them. Once again I’ll say that Focus gave a start to my games, a long time ago he told me how to send snakes right, how important the forge and morale are etc. One more nudge was the introduction of a 2×2 mode. I was hanging out with Kirill (Tormoz) a lot at the time, and we called each other, practiced, and took a 3rd place on ESL. It was a good experience…

DeeeeeeeeepON’s ranked games statistic on 21 February 2020.

What are your close ones’ reactions to your passion for the game?
I have such a long mushroom experience that everyone has already accepted my hobby. My parents don’t really know how much I play because we have been living separately for many years now, but they’ve heard a lot about the mushrooms. My wife is very understanding – I have mushrooms, she has Instagram. I can spend hours in the game and she on Instagram. Of course, when she enters the kitchen at 05:30 and sees me playing, yeah, this is sad… My victories and my defeats are personal, it’s inside me… It is very rare for me to be able to show my emotions to someone aloud… But there were a couple of vivid moments… people were shocked) But usually everything that’s in the game is only mine, I keep it inside me, and I’m mostly happy for what is happening there! P.S. My wife knew and rooted for me in the CIS Cup tournament. She knew everyone I won matches with and whom I lost to. And she even watched the last match with Juan )))

Has the game changed a lot since you started to play?
The game changed drastically! Firstly, there have already been a couple of versions of the game. The physics changed seriously. Then the maps changed. Then heroes were added, then the second batch of heroes, then more heroes, and then new maps again, after that the heroes’ skills improvement, then passive skills, and then Artifacts… All that time there were a lot of fixes, changes, modifications, reworks… At the same time, there’s a PC version, a lot of tournaments, events, and I don’t even mention the real-life aspects and changes, and all kinds of meetups and tournaments, which have been organized by the activists of the mushroom world. The game right now is what it is. There’s a team of developers – the owners of the mushroom world, they created the game, made it popular, and they will continue to do it as they see fit. Anyway, they are really good at it, and I’m saying thanks for that! There are lots of PROS to the game. The biggest pro is that the game itself has united a lot of people from different parts of the world, there’s communication, there’s friendship and an immense interest. CONS. There are some! I don’t want to get into this. You know yourself who is disappointed in what and why… For the future I want to suggest a few things:

  • a game mode that only relies on a player’s skill (without passives and Artifacts)
  • a 2×2 rating game mode
  • more varied tournaments
  • more equally powerful heroes and new interesting maps


How do you like the Miracle-Stella event?
My personal opinion about all the events is conflicted. I understand why they’re organized. At the same time, I can’t abstain from participating because you can’t get artifacts anywhere else, and the stuff that gets your passives leveled is also there… And without these things it’s hard to win, you know. I don’t like the skins for the heroes, I like the standard ones. About Stella… I don’t care… I have a competitive interest in participating in the event, I really want the artifact for Marty-O (Protean Claw). I don’t want the Stella skin as a matter of principle, she’s not pretty at all with it))))

What features are you most eager to see added to the game?
There was a similar question above: I’m waiting for a few things:

  • a game mode that only relies on a player’s skill (without passives and artifacts)
  • a 2×2 rating game mode
  • more varied tournaments
  • more equally powerful heroes and new interesting maps
  • and as an addition: maybe some global 1×1 and 2×2 tournaments in which initially there’s a local country-wide tournament, and then 3 winners or 3 pairs of winners from each country compete in a final worldwide tournament

Do you like tournaments?
I love tournaments. They’re intriguing, interesting, it’s a big event where the most powerful players are drawn out. It’s also a recognition of you as a player and an opportunity to show what you’ve got not just for yourself but also for all the people who watch streams, and who are interested in the game, who learn by watching other players participating in such tournaments. I’m always watching, and I will try to participate in all of the tournaments, if I can.  (On the Battlefy website you can register for any of the tournaments planned for this year – editor’s note).

In a 2 vs 2 mode who are you ready to go on to tournament with?
It depends on the tournament format. Right now I play with a magnificent person and player a lot, he’s my friend, my brotherly heart, someone who’s very positive in life and a powerful reliable partner in the game – Benzodiazepin (read an interview here). But, in general, I’m practicing for a 2×2 game, and I will be ready to play with anyone who will offer to play in a certain tournament and thus will be ready himself! We’ll discuss all the pros and cons, and let’s go train and fight! It’s clear that guys from MGG (*Mushroom Generals Guild) have priority!

You’re now participating in a battle of factions. What are your forecasts for your team’s victory? Who would you single out as an opponent against whom it’s interesting and hard to play?
This is the thing with the battle of factions… I was invited to replace a player who played as Rudo. I played two matches, and I wasn’t playing properly in the second one, I had circumstances. Honestly, I didn’t really pay attention to the whole thing, I don’t know who’s playing for what faction, table placements, etc. Our faction team is cool, the players are good, heroes are so-so… We’ll fight till the end. I want to single out a team of very strong and crazy players, which includes Focus. How was such a team composition even allowed to play!? I’m pretty sure they will be the winners!

The achievement in mushrooms that you’re most proud of
I have a lot of achievements. Mostly they’re pretty standard, which can be said for many players. For something I can choose as «my pride» – I think it is the beginning of MW2 release. I wasn’t a TOP player, but in the new version of the game I was in the top-10 for 4 seasons in a row, until I took a break for a year, and after that, I continue to uphold my skill and my place in the league. That is what I noticed about myself, an achievement that I’m proud of – stability! And it is reached by a constant improvement of your skills while playing and watching replays of the games of strong players.

Your favorite trophy
Rich on War Trophy. This trophy is very important to me. Seemingly, there’s nothing special about it, and almost everyone has it in their profile. But there’s this: I was the very first in the game that got it, and it was made up because of my first million. Of course, now it’s much easier to get gold, and at the moment I have 4 million… but then it was really something. Pahom’s Glory Trophy. I was never bothered about playing the campaign, I just wasn’t interested, I wanted to play with real people online. And from the moment campaigns were introduced I only finished 8-9 maps and not even on the highest difficulty. Not because I didn’t want to play with a bot, but because I couldn’t do it, I was furious. But 4 months ago I finished the whole campaign in a day on a maximum difficulty. It was representative for me that my skill level had become much higher. The maps were a piece of cake, I only had to replay just a few of them…

DeeeeeeeeepON’s trophies on 21 February 2020.

Tell us a story
Hanging out with mushroom people – that’s a whole other story, and not just one. There were very heart-warming and kind moments that I could tell you about, but then you would need to spend at least two hours reading them. And it’s already 6:00, I have to go to work soon) I’ll tell you one outstanding story about when I and my mushroom friend flew to Moscow, and a famous Dima Trenin, who was going to meet us at Domodedovo airport, was waiting for us at Sheremetyevo airport… I think you can imagine the size of Moscow, or you can google it. So this man prohibited us from going anywhere on our own and came to us through the whole city of Moscow at lightning speed and received us properly and drove us to the hotel. My respect, this was very cool, we were pleasantly shocked!

Advice for new players
Subscribe to everything that is connected to mushrooms and study all the information there, for starters. MW2 group in VK and Focus’ Youtube channel are basics (Also consider our Discord and Facebook – editor’s note). Play campaigns, watch videos, watch replays, repeat and practice the tactics of TOP players. You need to play regularly, play all the modes on all the maps, play all the heroes, watch yourself and your opponent in a match, pay attention to every detail… and enjoy the spoils!

Your top 3 veterans

  1. Lomy/Fasse
  2. Focus/Tormoz
  3. Bo3essam/Romanovvv (Mr.Kiss – editor’s note)

Your top 3 novice players

  1. Doroga
  2. DUST
  3. ohSh4rk

Is the players meetup planned in Crimea?
Crimea is summer, it’s the sea, it’s joy. We could organize a meeting and see if there are people who want to come, decide the details and confirm the dates… In any case, it should be summer, and I will be happy to see each and every one for sure. Let’s think about it, the summer is close)) Even if a meetup isn’t going to happen or it will but not during the summer, that’s fine… I’m sure that I won’t be left alone, Dima Trenin will come) And with him any meetup – is a MEETUP!

What have we forgotten to ask?
Anything you forgot to ask, write me in VK or Discord. I think I wrote everything. I’m a little tired honestly) Have to get ready for work in an hour! Thanks to everyone who lives a mushroom life, thanks to everyone who helps and improves the game and makes the communication between players easier. Good luck and good games!

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