Vu invites you

2 Days Left! Who else should be invited to this Sunday if not the HIGHEST ranked player in the game! As versatile as…

LiDa invites you

2 Days Left! I think we all want to see a girl on top! The Support Queen, saving the day again with her funny…

Baris invites you

4 Days Left! Big heart person, with a bigger mustache! Watch our Cup Designer fight for his love! Subscribe to our Twitch  …

CheeseBurger invites you

5 Day Left! Do you have your Christmas lights up? What about your CheeseBurger assembled? Subscribe to our Twitch  

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6 Days Left! Open your fridge! Do you smell that?? You know, that smelly smell! Subscribe to our Twitch  

Elsh21 invites you

7 Days Left! The most down under General of this game! Twitch:  

Fasse invites you

8 Days Left! Continuing the most epic Mushroom Wars countdown ever, today we have Fasse himself! Show us some support below and follow…

Tormoz invites you

It’s Friday, which means the greatest countdown of our lives has finally begun! Check it out below and see your favourite Generals come…

Tournament 1v1 – 2nd Feb

Have you tried testing your limits in our tournaments yet? This is the place and time to do so, only 3 days left…

Christmas sale time! ❄

From 20th of December to 3rd of January we are offering all of you a discount for our following products on Steam: