Update v.4.5 – Trophy Road

Added Features

⚙ Rating season end
Ranked points will be reset to a certain amount, and we will reward all players with Gold and additional Trophy Road prizes.

  • All previous ranked seasons will be merged into one and labeled the ‘First season’. This update will start Season 2.
  • Seasons will become regular! The duration of each will be transparent for everyone and visible directly in-game.
  • Season 2 ends on March 31.

Trophy Road
Play Ranked matches, collect Ranked points and unlock the following valuable rewards and features:

Read more about Trophy Road on our article.

⚙ New ‘Match results’ screen
We have reworked the screen and split it into two parts: match results and match rewards.

  • Match results: Artifacts visualization and the ‘Match details’ button were added. Match details show match statistics: amounts of produced/lost units, captured/lost buildings, and used spells.
  • Match rewards: all info about match rewards is collected here – Mushroom Pass progress, Trophy Road progress, win chests, etc.

⚙ Spring theme
We have replaced the rock Main theme soundtrack with the standard one, and we have updated the loading screen to a spring-themed one.

⚙ Matches history
From now on, you can copy the match ID with one tap.
Also, the Tournament Mode matches will be shown with an additional badge.

Fixed Bugs

🦎 Custom games will no longer be included in players’ profile statistics.
🦎 Some Matchmaking parameters weren’t performing correctly.

Known, but not fixed Bugs

🐞 Known bugs list was moved to a permanent page, which will be updated from time to time. You can check it anytime on https://mw2.su/en/updates-history-en/known-bugs/.


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