Buildings and Units

Each game consist of different types of buildings set-up in certain locations, and units within those buildings. You can move your units between the different buildings to shift around your forces, or move your units into neutral or enemy buildings to attack them.

In this section, we will look at the 5 different types of buildings and what they do:

Village | Mushroom Wars 2 Tower | Mushroom Wars 2 Forge | Mushroom Wars 2 Domination village | Mushroom Wars 2 King of the Hill village | Mushroom Wars 2

Villages, Towers, and Forges can be converted (changed) into each other in the cost of 30 units. When converted, towers and villages start at level 1.

When a building is captured, it is reduced by a level. But if you retake it within 1 second, you can take it without it losing the next level down, and if they take it within a second, it also doesn’t go down a level, and so forth.