Trophy Road

Trophy Road feature was added to the game within [Update 4.5].

It includes:

Line of rewards

There is more sense in climbing the ladder now. Only by playing ranked games and collecting ranked points, you unlock valuable rewards and game features.

Visual example of the feature, real values may differ

It’s worth mentioning that the total number of ranked points is the sum of all your hero’s ratings; the higher you climb with the hero, the fewer points you will get by winning with that particular hero. Therefore, it is recommended to play different heroes.

Available Trophy Road rewards:

Visual example of the feature, real values may differ

Sequential unlocking of game features

As mentioned above, other than valuable rewards, game features are also available to be unlocked on Trophy Road by everyone. However, only beginners will be able to notice it. Experienced players with enough ranked points after the season’s end reset will have all of them already unlocked.

Here is the list of all game features on Trophy Road:

  • Premium – 200 points,
  • Mushroom Pass – 250 points,
  • King of the Hill – 400 points,
  • Daily Quests – 600 points,
  • Passive skills – 650 points,
  • Domination – 850 points,
  • Forge (Artifacts craft) – 1000 points,
  • 1v1v1 – 1300 points,
  • 1v1v1v1 – 1700 points,
  • 2v2 – 2000 points.

Regular and transparent seasons

Seasons last one calendar month. However, the duration of the incoming seasons could be changed in the future. Fortunately, it will be transparent for everyone and visible directly in-game on the Trophy Road screen.

Ranked points will be reset to a certain amount within each season’s end.
The reset will be based on heroes’ ranked points:

  • Heroes with more than 500 ranked points will be affected,
  • 50% of the amount of points exceeding 500 will be lost.