How to participate in MWCups

MWCups – is a series of 1v1 and 2v2 Mushroom Wars 2 Cups (tournaments) held by Zillion Whales. Just participating players get in game prizes, and the higher they climb, the better prizes they get! The most active and successful participants will be invited to the Final Cup of the year with even more valuable prizes.

We use Battlefy to organise our MWCups.

How to use Battlefy?

  1. To sign-up for any Cup, follow this link –> and choose the Cup you want to participate in
  2. Make sure you check-in latest 30 minutes before the start time of the Cup.
    • If you don’t check in, you won’t be able to participate.
  3. The bracket will be posted on Discord once it’s ready.
  4. After finding your match in the bracket send a message in the Battlefy chat to let your opponent that you are now ready.
  5. The player/team with the higher seed number (closest to 1) will invite the first game.
    • Yours or your teams seed number can be found right next to your nickname/team name on the bracket.
  6. How to create a custom game –>
  7. Matches are best of 5 (BO5) so that means you play until you or your opponent has 3 wins.
  8. After you finish a match report the score on Battlefy.
  9. If you have any issue during the tournament (my opponents are offline, incorrect score was reported or similar) create a match ticket.
    • Choose “Report Match Issue”…
    • and reason which is closest to your issue.
  10. Be patient after winning a match you have to wait a couple minutes to get your next opponent.
  11. When your opponents name is “BYE” it means that you move onto the next round automatically.

How to video for 2v2 Cups: